“I want to go to work each day and help people. I want to come home each night and feel good about what I’ve done.”
~ P.O. Russel Timoshenko
  "By stopping that car, he and Officer Yan helped us capture three career criminals whose appetite for evil knew no bounds — saving who knows how many future victims, people who will never know how lucky they are.” ~ Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
Coming Events  updated: 07/06/2010

°Aviator Soccer Tournament 2010
Floyd Bennett Field
Sunday - July 18th 10:00 a.m

°2nd Annual Motorcycle Run 2010
Midland Beach
Staten Island
Sunday - July 11th 9:00 a.m

Trial  updated: 02/26/09

° Life without parole for murderer of cop at traffic stop

° They watched him slip away: Tears in court as NYPD cops describe Russel Timoshenko's murder

°With 3 Juries Looking on, 3 Men Go on Trial in Death of an Officer

° Video of killing kicks off emotional start to trial in murder of NYPD cop Russel Timoshenko


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