"Thank You for your Service"

Author: Michaud Lormil Junior

The flock unites; still one of the finest is gone. They chant his name, but the clouds are still gray, and the rain won't fall. Soldiers unite their guns, badges, their blue suits, and white gloves, and still, he won't come back.

We mourn for him in sadness. In sadness, the way his life was taken away. We mourn for him in rejoice, of which he has a new beginning in Heaven, now serving as Heavenís finest.

He gave his youth to serve his city. He was the finest, but received the worst salary. He did not join for wealth, or for powers, he made the ultimate sacrifice by risking his life to make sure others live in peace as if he was like Christ.

He joined the finest to make a difference. His love was so great; his 35000 brothers shook the streets, causing massive earthquakes around the city, not leaving any silence.

This earthquake was so massive, never in history has an earthquake been measured at a scale causing a love as powerful as a Tsunami.

Helicopters covered the grounds, not leaving a view for the Angels and God to view this great ceremony of compassion for the finest, like millions of arrows coming from their bows, at the speed of light, blocking the sun trying to defeat the 300 Spartans.

They blocked the mighty sun rays, causing a total eclipse of the city. Never in my life, have I seen such an electrifying love. The men in blue covered the streets, camouflaging the whole city, all in blue and white gloves.

Gloves so white, when they raised their hands, it was like pure white doves uniting together forming as parachutes. On the ground, it looks like, white snow falling on a Christmas morning.

At their waste line, it looked like they were holding Dalmatians puppies at birth, so white, colors become invisible to the naked eye.

The love I witness that day was no Ordinary love; it was the finest love, a love I have never heard or have seen before, a love of brotherhood, a love for the finest soldiers who are willing to give their lives to serve and protect, a love of family, an unconditional love of compassion for life. His greatest challenge was the streets, and he fought evil not by his gun, but by the power of his heart till death separated him from his badge.

Of all to say, if only all their loves could bring him back. Officer Russel Timoshenko has shown us he was the finest by the fruits of his labor. Russel has publicly proven of his discipleship to God, by the love amongst him and others.

He was not a hero by his death, but by his characteristics of life and his powerful standards. On that legendary day, I finally realized why theses soldiers are called the cityís finest, the finest of all time.

By: Michaud Lormil Junior