Veterans Association of Sports and the House of funeral services "Nevsky - Apple" (Vice President Ina Idelchik) with the support of doctors and a fine man, Joseph Kleinerman and Brighton Association of Business (Director Elena Mahnin) conducted a second Memorial Cup tournament in memory of Ruslan Timoshenko. July 18 at the stadium "The Aviator" in Brooklyn, went 2-nd Memorial football tournament memory detective Ruslan Timoshenko, who died from a bullet bandits while on duty in July 2007 in Brooklyn. Participated in the tournament team the New York Police, "Dinamo" (New Jersey), "Van Kortlendt Manchester United (Bronx)," Snack "(Brooklyn).Games were held in a tense and exciting struggle. Already in the first match last year's tournament champion of the Memorial team "Snack", apparently underestimating the opponent's team lost to Dynamo from New Jersey on penalties 2-3. The main game ended in a draw - 2-2.In the other semi-final team of police of New York in a bitter struggle outplayed friendly and interesting team "Van Kortlendt Manchester United with the score - 2-0. In the match for third place players "diner" - last year's champions of the Memorial, caused a sizeable defeat the boys from the Bronx team won - 5-0, and won bronze medals in the tournament. And in the championship match met police in New York and New Jersey players.In stubborn fight better police were 2-1. They became the champions of the 2 nd Memorial Ruslan Timoshenko. Coherently and clearly worked on the tournament judging panel consisting of Chief arbitrator, judge-Union category and Staten referee Vladimir Greenberg and his assistants Igor Halperin, Michael Reydlera and Alexander Matvienko. The Special Commission has identified the best players in the Memorial. Among them:The goalkeeper, Dave Pavone ("Dinamo" New Jersey). Defender - Andre Richards (Team New York City Police). Midfielder - Carlos Vilakress (Team New York City Police). Striker Elvis Markovic ("Van Kortlendt United, Bronx). Bombardier - Mark Zuckerman ("Snack" Brooklyn). Most Valuable Player of the Tournament - Jorge Bedoya (Team New York City Police). Awards participants of the tournament was handed parents Ruslana - Tatyana and Leonid Timoshenko. The young players of FC Chernomorets rozygrali your cup of Ruslan Timoshenko, who handed them to his mother Ruslana - Tetiana Tymoshenko. At the opening ceremony of the Memorial mother of Ruslana - Tetiana Timoshenko thanked all the organizers and participants of the tournament for their relevance to the memory of Ruslana, for the tremendous work that they have spent on preparation and holding of the Memorial. A second memorial tournament in memory of Detective Ruslan Timoshenko held thanks to the help and support of our friends and comrades: Special thanks to Ruslan Timoshenko family for their support and assistance provided by the Memorial in the preparation and conduct of the Memorial. Member of the Assembly in New York State Bill Colton. Businessman Alex Hofmann («GFI MORTAGE BANKERS«). Dr. Stanley Bykov Dr.Slava Poznansky. Drs. Ilya and Tamil Burstein. Businessman Yuri Aminov (restaurant "Paris" and the Cafe Eurasia "). Hospitable hosts" snack bar "(Igor Abdurakhmanov and his friends ). Dr.Radislav Katz. Leonid Hindele (video salon "Mosvideofilm" on the 1 st Brighton). Businessman Boris Kurbatskii. Viktoria Shishkin (Magazine "Metro"). The team football school "Chernomorets" (New York) - Boris Kraytman, Alexander Rozenshtraukh, Matthew L. Cherkassky, Oleg Sarum and young footballers school. Collectives football teams:Team New York Police, "Dinamo" New Jersey (Alexander Grishpun and his friends), "Snack" (Igor Abdurakhmanov Yagudaev and Edward and their friends), "Van Kortlendt Manchester United (Igor Shcherbakov and his friends). David Gai ( The newspaper "The new light"). President "Davidzon Radio» Gregory Davidzon. Ilya Galaxy and Davidzon Gazeta ». The company« PRINTING FOR U ». Gosha Shif and the company «ART PHOTO & ALL DESIGN» Newspaper Odessa on the Hudson "(Boris Thalys). The newspaper" Our House - America "(Igor Baboshkina). Football school« BROOKLYN DYNAMITES »(Alexander Treyvus) Edward Luchin - Executive Director of the Association Veteran Sports Photos Ghosh Schiff